How to make cheap meat/fish edible

Just as a warning: I am not taking responsibility, if you choose to try out any of this and something happens to you. I’m just passing on experience 😉 I am not recommending eating cheap or dodgy meats or fish, road kill or other ‘city meats’ such as rats or pigeons, but sometimes, you might be offered or find something, you cannot refuse. And, having seen it with my own eyes, I know what people will eat…

So what to do with something that might give you parasites (yum!), cause food poisoning or, if not, will most probably not taste particularly good?

The two key treatments are: sterilisation and making-tasty! Most potential food hazards can be contained by either heating and/or spicing – or preserving with vinegar. The safest dishes with questionable meat are thus long-boiling stews using beer or wine (and lots of garlic) and heavily spiced curries. Tumeric and garlic, for instance, are antiseptic, and alcohol softens the meat and covers up strong tastes of decay. The same principle goes for fish. Bon appetit!


PS: For road kill and ‘city meat’ recipes please refer to the book ‘Concrete Jungle’, in which you will find an article by James Eckle with more advice.


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