Barnacle Glazing – Or what to do with unwanted Christmas chocolate

I may be an exception as a chocolate-hater, but I know that other people also complain about the amount of chocolate they get for Christmas, often of a flavour, they are not particularly keen on.

I personally can’t throw things away and I find that when you use the chocolates to make other things with, they can become more bearable. I usually put the chocolates in my housemate’s food processor and shred them into tiny pieces that I then use in cookie doughs, cakes, glazings, ice cream, puddings, hot drinks, milkshakes or as sprinkles. Last time, I was less violent with the fairly tasty seashell chocolates, and the result was a ‘Barnacle cake’. You just make any cake you’ve got the ingredients for and that will go with chocolate glazing. When the cake comes out of the oven, you place the halved seashell chocolates on top of the cake. They will melt, but stay in shape. Wait for them to cool and ready is your ‘barnacle glazing’. ‘Barnacle glazing’ is especially effective when put on top of a crumble cake!


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