Plantain fritters 

This is a recipe for people who are near a cheap source of plantains. I used to make a meal’s worth of plantain fritters for around 50p. Whenever I had enough money, I’d buy a bottle of nutritious supermalt to go with it. 

1 Green plantain, salt, pepper, if available: garlic, oregano 

Grate plantain (1 plantain is usually enough for a meal), add spices and form the sticky mass into flat burger-type things. Fry both sides in very hot oil until crisp. Can be eaten by themselves or with whatever you’ve got!

Potato Fritters with Bramley Sauce 

Both potatoes and cooking apples can usually be obtained quite cheaply.  Make sauce first from 

Bramley apples, lemon juice, sugar 

so it can chill down a bit. How it works: place chopped bramleys in a pan with a little water. Simmer until tender. Mash and add lemon juice and sugar to taste, if availabe. Leave to cool and then chill. For the fritters grate  

potatoes, onions (onions are optional, use about 1 onion to 1 kg of potatoes). 

Mix with Some saltAnd enough eggs and flour to make it into a runny dough (use 1-2 eggs per 1 kg potatoes) Now do a test fritter. The dough is okay if the fritter stays together in the pan. Fry both sides until crisp.  

You can also do the Swiss variant with no egg (just google ‘swiss potato roesti’).


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