Falafel are cheap to make, if you use a very basic recipe. Of course you can ‘go fancy’ if you want to with some fresh coriander etc. The most basic ingredients, however, are chick peas, soaked, drained and either boiled and grated or just grated without boiling them first.

250 ml salt water or vegetable stock (if boiling), ground cumin or caraway, salt, oil for deep-frying. 

You can then add chopped onions, crushed garlic (lots of), parsley, freshly chopped or dried ground coriander, paprika,  cornflour, pepper, egg, if you want/have.

Serve in pitta bread with salad, hummus and hot (tomato) sauce, if you can. If you can’t, just eat them by themselves with sauces you stole from pub tables and Sainsbury’s basic pitta breads for 24p a packet.


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